I see & seek

I see a billion twinkling stars when I look up in the sky,

A bedlam of wonders, singing their beautiful lullaby.

I see the raging ocean, so vast and wide,

It’s own mighty master, having none to abide.

I see the swaying grass, everlasting and green,

Selfless and unnoticed, so calm and serene.

I see the rocky mountains, so massive and high,

With beautiful little valleys, that in their laps lie.

And I seek that one reason for us to be alive,

That one shining purpose urging us to thrive.


Birthday lines 🎈

For my friend, Vrindaa. Happy Birthday! ❤

As these 17 years pass

A speel of magic has been cast

Because I enchanted these mesmerizing words

Well, now, it may sound absurd

But you live long that’s what I prayed

It’s woven in your soul, it’s knitted in your fate

So forgetting the past left long behind

With all our lovely memories combined

I wish you a very Happy Birthday!

For you

For my friend, Siddharth.

Happy Birthday!

In a whisk, the time flies by
an epiphany, I’ll give a try
For you made this time worth our while
at this point, I hope you smile.


In this short period of time
I think we found the perfect rhyme
To keep with us for infinity and beyond
our symphony, our own little song.


Just like a glimmering and shimmering star,
you don’t know how special you are
Everything around you shines so bright,
not your fault, but our delight


Far we’ve come, but you must know
That there’s still a long way for us to go
So with our love, laughter and memories together,
I wish you the best of luck forever.


Out there, and all around you.

Out there, and all around you, there are people who are a lot more better than you at something. Some of those people take pride in the fact and have the audacity to tell this to you; and about others-you know yourself. There is no denying it.

Out there, and all around you, there are people with big dreams and shimmering aspirations and an ardent desire to make them all come true. And its only too natural for you to compare with them and feel small.

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It’s been a year since I last read a book with no worries. And now that my exams are over, I’ve given myself this weekend to rejoice. Because a week from now will commence the most crucial year of my life, and it will be a year again till I let myself into a peaceful serene world.

Till then- Olaa! Let’s make the best of this time.